Upgrade Your Countertops In A St. Paul, MN, Kitchen Renovation Posted on March 6, 2018

The two most popular rooms in the home to upgrade in any St. Paul, MN, home are the master bathroom and the kitchen. Both of these rooms also have countertops, which is where the natural stone experts at Granite Unlimited, Inc. are able to help.
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Common Questions About Granite Countertops From Minneapolis Customers Posted on February 27, 2018

One of the advantages of working with an established natural stone company is the ability to tap into our experiences and expertise in working with homeowners through the Minneapolis area. At Granite Unlimited, Inc., we have been installing custom granite countertops in homes for over a quarter of a century, so we have a good idea of common questions from those new to natural stone. leer más

Essential Considerations For Colors Of Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops Posted on February 22, 2018

At Granite Unlimited, Inc., we have been providing beautiful natural stone kitchen and bathroom countertops for over twenty-five years to contractors, renovators, and homeowners in the Minneapolis area.
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Two Unique Color Options In Granite Countertops Posted on January 29, 2018

There are many different options in granite countertops, which makes choosing the best color and pattern a complicated job for many Minneapolis homeowners. There are several different options in the creams, gray and brown tones, and patterns which are classic and timeless in their style.
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Understanding The Value Of Natural Stone Countertops Posted on January 24, 2018

Understanding The Value Of Natural Stone Countertops

Unless people are very fortunate, there is a budget and a limit on what can be spent on new home construction or a renovation of an existing home. Often homeowners in Maple Grove, MN, look at the quoted price of a component of the build or renovation and have sticker shock at the cost.

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