Essential Considerations For Colors Of Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops

At Granite Unlimited, Inc., we have been providing beautiful natural stone kitchen and bathroom countertops for over twenty-five years to contractors, renovators, and homeowners in the Minneapolis area.

We offer marble, granite, and soapstone as our slabs of stone, plus we also offer quartz countertops, which are 95% natural quartz and about 5% of resin to create a durable, practical and very beautiful option.

Marble and granite, offer naturally occurring colors and patterns with granite offering greater variety than the classic marble patterns. Both are ideal for kitchen countertops and can also be used in the bathroom with amazing results.

With quartz, there are more color variations and patterns as naturally ground quartz and quartz aggregates can be a wide range of colors. The addition of dye to the resin also creates more options in colors and patterns that couldn’t be formed in nature.

The Color Question

There are some colors of all of our natural stone kitchen countertops options that are very earthy and natural in their colors and patterns. These are the more traditional or classic colors and patterns and tend to be our most popular.

The great thing about choosing these classic options in natural stone counters is they will fit in with any d├ęcor, color scheme or kitchen design theme. They look stunning with a Mediterranean style kitchen as well as with a rustic farmhouse look or even a minimalist style.

The more vibrantly colored and patterned options, which will be in our quartz collection of kitchen countertops, are less traditional. This doesn’t mean they aren’t ideal for a kitchen and, in fact, they can become the center focus of the kitchen to create a unique, stylish and very stunning space.

We recommend you look at the choices for countertops in person and pick out a few you like. Then, come back at least one more time and look at them again, which will allow you to pick the one that you find most appealing for your Minneapolis home design project.

Browse our samples of all our natural stone options on the website and then give us a call at 952-469-5242 or drop by our showroom.

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