How to Perfectly Seam Your Granite Countertop

A popular choice for high-end countertops are granite slabs. Known for its creative pattern, natural beauty and quality, many homeowners prefer granite over other types of materials. These granite slabs are rectangular in shape, which is why it is important for your kitchen countertop to be properly seamed. Creating the shape that you want for your countertop is made easier by perfectly seaming the granite.

To ensure that your granite looks amazing, it is essential that the seams are not noticeable. You have to look for the best combination of color grout along with the best choice of final seam.

How do you seam granite?

Granite CountertopThe process of seaming granite is not difficult. But for best results, most people prefer allowing our experienced experts to handle the job. The very first thing we do is to make sure that the edges of the granite countertop are smooth. Line them up before seaming the material. The granite edges have to be smooth to ensure that the granite is perfectly seamed.

If you are seaming your granite on your own, there are important things that you have to keep in mind. Depending

of the epoxy to ensure that it goes with your granite countertop.

Finding the Right Color

In order not to affect the aesthetic beauty of your granite countertop, you have to choose the right color combination. This is necessary to make the seam less visible. Your seam color depends on the specific color of the natural stone and its pattern. Seems are less noticeable with dark-colored granite countertops while seams are more noticeable if you have a lighter-colored granite countertop. Don’t worry; there are various seam-polishing techniques that make these seams less visible.

Attach rubber suctions cups on each side of the seam and place turnbuckles in between them. This pulls the two pieces of granite you want to join. As the seam finally dries up, you can start mixing the hardener and the tinted epoxy.

With a blade or knife, remove any excess epoxy to have a smooth seam. Allow the epoxy to dry and slowly remove the tape as well as the suction cups. For long-lasting results, polish and seal your countertop.

Let Experts Handle the Seam Placement

Seaming your granite countertop might be an easy task, but if you really want to ensure that the seams will last and to maintain the natural beauty of your granite stone, you should give serious thought to hiring professionals to do the job. The experts here at Granite Unlimited Inc. have many years at installing all colors of granite. In addition, our work is guaranteed to be to your satisfaction at the time of service.

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