Maintaining Quartz Countertops – Proper Cleaning Requirements

Cleaning Quartz

Cleaning Quartz is Easy

Quartz is a natural stone which

dry with a soft, clean cloth to avoid smudges and streaks.

What to Keep Away From

Strong polishing agents can dull and damage quartz’s luster. Avoid abrasive, powdery cleaners. Additionally, avoid products that are made for bathtubs or tiles since they will scratch the surface.

Keep away from prolonged exposure to heat, which can cause imperfections. Don’t place hot pans and pots on the countertop. Always use a towel to protect the natural beauty of the stone.

More Information

There are different companies that manufacture products especially for cleaning quartz countertops. You should know that quartz is not like tiles, and it only requires minimum maintenance to retain its beauty and organic look. If you are mindful of the products that you use, the splendor of your countertop will not be short lived.

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