Make the Most of Our Top Kitchen Design Tips For Marble Countertops In St. Paul

Make the Most of Our Top Kitchen Design Tips For Marble Countertops In St. Paul
While we concentrate on fabricating and installing granite, quartz and marble countertops in St Paul, we also have the expertise to be able to provide designing tips and ideas for our customers.

To provide a good starting point, here are some important considerations for any homeowner upgrading to a new natural stone countertop. Take the time to consider the marble pattern and color as this is a lifetime investment in the beauty of your home.

Think Ahead Not Just for Today

The ability to plan for the future is important when considering a kitchen renovation. Consider counter space for new appliances or if you are thinking about installing a different type of sink, dishwasher or stove. By planning all upgrades at the same time, you can choose what you want, and we can design the countertops around these additions.

Do You Have Enough Storage Space?

The second most important consideration is about making sure you have sufficient room for storage. Extending the length of the counters may also be critical, particularly if you have an older home in St. Paul with limited countertop area. This will provide additional food preparation space and can also make a kitchen look larger, which is often the goal of a renovation.

Over and under counter storage is always a critical option. To add additional storage space, consider an island, which can be completed with the same marble, granite or quartz to match the countertop design.

With simple additions, such as the use of under cupboard lighting, it is easy to highlight your marble countertops. Additionally, with this type of lighting, it provides a wonderful ambient look to the kitchen area and also provides direct light over food preparation areas.

To find out more about the options available with our custom marble countertops, browse the website then contact us today.

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