The Reality Of Adding Marble Countertops To Your Minneapolis Kitchen

In our 25 plus years of working in the Minneapolis area, Granite Unlimited, Inc. has had the good fortune to install some of the most amazing marble countertops. To get an idea of what we mean, take a few minutes and browse through our gallery of past projects to see the design options and the types of countertops we have created that are custom made to our customer’s exacting specifications.

Many people hesitate when they think about adding marble countertops. Often they are hesitating for the wrong reasons, or have been reading information online that is not accurate and doesn’t reflect the quality of marble, craftsmanship and customer support we provide.

To help our customers to understand the value and the benefits of using marble in a kitchen, here are a few common reasons why we think marble makes an excellent choice for a renovation or a new custom home construction.

Cost Per Foot

One comment we hear a lot at Granite Unlimited, Inc. is the surprisingly low cost of marble compared to other natural stone and compared to other countertop options. While the price of marble is higher than some options, the fact that it is a once in a lifetime purchase that will never need to be replaced needs to be considered.

Stands Up to Use

Once our marble countertops are sealed, they are durable, stain resistant and beautiful. The sealant acts as a clear top coat, preventing anything from seeping into the surface pores of the stone.

Marble is a durable product that is resistant to chipping, cracking and scratching with just a bit of care. We will ensure you understand the correct cleaning and maintenance for your Minneapolis countertops, and you will be amazed at how easy that will be as well.

To learn more about the advantages of marble for the kitchen countertops in your home, call us today at 952-469-5242.

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