Tips For Finding The Ideal Countertops In Apple Valley, MN

Tips For Finding The Ideal Countertops In Apple Valley, MN
One of the reasons many of our customers choose to work with our staff at Granite Unlimited, Inc. is the range of different natural stone materials we offer for countertops.

We offer granite, marble, and quartz as well as soapstone, which offers a unique look all of its own. All are equally beautiful as kitchen or bathroom upgrades or new installs, but each also has its own features and considerations.

To help our customers choose their ideal option in a countertop, here are a few important considerations


All natural stone countertops are priced based on the quality of the slab, the specific pattern, and color as well as specifics of the type of stone you are selecting. All are comparable in price, but it is important to avoid choosing a cheap, type of stone that is a low grade.

Remember, stone all has its own pattern, so when there is more than one slab involved, there can be a change in the pattern in marble and granite. This is less of an issue in quartz as it is mixed with resin to create a more consistent pattern.


Both marble and granite offer natural veining and color variations. The marble that is lighter will show more veining, flecks, and patterns while granite offers more pronounced patterning and veining. Quartz, which can be manufactured to specific colors, offer the greatest variety.

Soapstone tends to be more uniform in color but can be oiled to bring out different colors. Marble and granite will need to be sealed to prevent staining and etching.


In general, all natural stone countertops in any Apple Valley, MN home will need just basic maintenance. Granite, marble, and quartz, as well as soapstone, can be washed with warm water or with an approved cleaner for the countertop material.

To get more information on making a choice between the various stones, talk to our staff at Granite Unlimited, Inc. or drop by our showroom and see the options in person.

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