Two Unique Color Options In Granite Countertops

There are many different options in granite countertops, which makes choosing the best color and pattern a complicated job for many Minneapolis homeowners. There are several different options in the creams, gray and brown tones, and patterns which are classic and timeless in their style.

However, for those who want a countertop that really stands out, there are two different options to consider. There are not your typical countertops, and the evident pattern and color will make them one of a kind that will always be uniquely your own.

The Onyx Option

There are different types of onyx patterns, but they are very distinctive. These are vibrant partners that are bands of color running down or through the slab. The bands are various colors in the same tone of red, rusty brown with creams, either in more linear or more flowing types of patterns.

These are granite countertops that are going to stand out. They are almost like artwork for your kitchen or bathroom counters, and they will be a topic of conversation for guests.

This is a perfect match for a traditional kitchen with wood cupboards or cabinets but is equally as suited to a black or white kitchen where the counters will add the color and the design focus.

Red Dragon

Red Dragon is an aptly named option for granite countertops. It has a rich, red, almost pebbled looking background. There are some flecks of light gray that are random throughout the various light to dark red. Throughout all of this are flecks of darker gray to black as well as dark veining.

Altogether, this is a stunning looking slab. It is a great match for a rustic kitchen, or it is also ideal for a more professional looking design that features a lot of stainless steel or white.
It is important to look at the different options in granite slabs in person. This will allow you to see and choose the exact slab that will be used in your Minneapolis home renovation or construction project.

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