Upgrade Your Countertops In A St. Paul, MN, Kitchen Renovation

The two most popular rooms in the home to upgrade in any St. Paul, MN, home are the master bathroom and the kitchen. Both of these rooms also have countertops, which is where the natural stone experts at Granite Unlimited, Inc. are able to help.

Counters, including both the cabinets and the actual top of the counter, need to coordinate with the d├ęcor of the flooring and the style of the kitchen or bathroom. This means creating a cohesive look in colors, design features and even in the pattern on the natural stones compared to the wood, tile or other materials used in the space.

What to Consider

Making the choice to install natural stone as the counter material is an investment in your home. We will walk you through the differences between marble, granite, quartz and even our soapstone, allowing you to have a full understanding of the easy maintenance and upkeep on these options.
We will also show you the material to allow you to get a true appreciation of the colors, richness, and depth of patterns in these natural stones. While we do have images on the website, they really don’t do justice to the stone as compared to seeing it in person.

You will also be able to choose the style of edge profile you want for the countertops. We will then custom cut and prepare the counters and then complete the installation to meet your renovation schedule.

The Cost

The cost of any home renovation in St. Paul, MN, is dependent on many factors including the extent of the changes and the overall scope of the project. However, by using durable, quality materials like natural stone, this is a one-time cost for your home.

Natural stone countertops will never need to be replaced as long as you are in the home. In fact, these counters will last for decades, providing a beautiful yet practical addition to any home. Give us a call at 952-469-5242 to get started in choosing the right natural stone for your renovation project.

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