What Are the Differences Between Granite, Marble and Quartz Countertops?

As an area that combines food preparation, school homework, family meetings and the part-time head office for a self-employed individual, countertops in Apple Valley MN must serve various purposes for all your family. Which is best for you?


What Are Your Priorities?


As you have already decided against stainless steel, concrete, wood, laminate and other countertop options, one of your priorities for choosing countertops in Apple Valley MN is for going upmarket and choosing a great investment for your property which must be durable, easy to maintain and simple to clean.


Other opinions would include being able to put a hot pan directly onto the work surface as a positive selection while others will prefer a surface that is difficult to stain, tough to damage and outstanding in its presentation.


All those options describe granite, marble and Quartz countertops. Granite and marble are natural slabs while quartz is made from natural Quartz and bound together with a resin and colors. Granite and marble are unique and can never be copied or seen twice, whereas quartz can be reproduced which is an advantage to those who prefer a complete flow of worktops around their kitchen or bathroom space.


Marble can be stained, but once you understand which items can stain the marble, it is easy to keep them away. Most liquids can be cleaned away quickly without leaving any marks.


Granite should be sealed, and this must be repeated every year, and when you keep this easy task consistent, you will avoid stains.


Quartz countertops in Apple Valley MN are difficult to stain and are just as durable, lasting from 30 to 50 years, like marble and granite.


The principal type of research that we believe you can undertake is to visit our showrooms so you can see these countertops and imagine what they will look like in your kitchen, bathroom entertainment areas. Which might you choose?

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