Best Natural Stone Floor Options

Best Natural Stone Floor Options

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Many great choices in natural stone flooring are available, each elegant, timeless, practical, and durable. Every stone has its pros and cons, so in the end, it’s about deciding what is best suited to your home and your needs.

Granite is always a top choice for flooring and countertops. An extremely hard and durable stone, it resists damage very well, including scratches, stains, and burns, making it a practical and long-lasting option. Being such a solid stone, granite is also heavy. It is best suited to ground floors that can support the weight of the tiles. The subflooring must be completely level to prevent cracking. Granite flooring is used most often to add elegance to foyers, hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens. It can also be used outdoors, but is best in areas that aren’t prone to getting wet – a covered patio is optimal.

Granite’s attractive appearance also makes it a top choice. It is formed from a combination of minerals, which can create beautiful patterns of swirls and specks, and the crystals will sparkle in the sunlight. Granite offers timeless beauty, and when installed correctly, is almost timeless in durability as well.

Marble is another stone highly sought-out for its beauty. Throughout history, artists and sculptors have used marble. However, its ability to be sculpted also means marble, while beautiful, scratches and breaks easily. It is best used in areas that don’t see extreme foot traffic; such as bathrooms or around fireplaces. Like granite, marble also needs to be sealed periodically. This is especially important as marble is a porous stone, making it vulnerable to stains from liquids. But when installed and sealed properly, in the most practical areas for marble, it will add an exquisite elegance to your home.

Slate is one of the most common types of stone flooring. It is a versatile stone that will match itself to any type of décor. Like granite, it is resistant to stains and water, but it can chip easily and must be laid on even ground to prevent cracking. Slate, too, should be sealed to help prevent damage. Slate typically has a less even surface than other stone floors, making it more slip-resistant, and therefore an excellent choice for hallways, bathrooms, and other high-traffic areas or those that may get wet.

Natural stone flooring is a popular choice among homeowners, as it is typically the most elegant and durable option. Granite tends to be the most popular due to its durability, but marble and slate are beautiful choices as well. No matter which you choose, it will immediately add beauty and value to your home. Let Granite Unlimited assist you in selecting the stone that is right for you.

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