How High Should Kitchen Cabinets Be From a Countertop?

The recognized standard height for upper kitchen cabinets has been 18 inches above the countertop. This continues to be a common height used when installing kitchen cabinets. However, this standard is not used in every case. In some cases, a higher height is used, such as 20 inches, to provide extra room for various reasons. If the height used is less than 18 inches, however, the space provided between the countertop and cabinets may look and feel cramped. At Granite Unlimited, Inc., we are your source for exceptional quality stone countertops that are ideal for enhancing the various spaces in your home, including the kitchen.

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How to Drill a Hole in a Granite Countertop

Granite is highly popular as a stone material for countertops in residential homes. As natural stone, it is strong, hard, and dense. It also is available in an array of beautiful colors and complex patterns that are ideal for enhancing the aesthetic environment in your space. At Granite Unlimited, Inc., we offer an extensive array of granite countertop options to help you achieve the perfect interior design for your kitchen space.

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