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The Strength Of Hanstone Quartz

Hanstone Quartz provides the natural beauty of quartz with as much as six times the durability and strength of granite. The majority of Hanstone Quartz is mined quartz crystals, which is one of the hardest materials occurring in nature. Manufacturers combine the quartz with polyester resins and pigments in order to create the look of natural stone without as much high maintenance. With Hanstone Quartz there is no need for conditioning, polishing, and sealing.

Hanstone countertops are resistant to scratches, bacteria stains, and heat. Because it is naturally nonporous, Hanstone Quartz countertops are ideal for residential applications. The design flexibility of this material makes it possible to bring the vision of any homeowner in Minneapolis and surrounding areas into reality.

One of the Strongest Countertop Materials

Hanstone Quartz offers one of the strongest surface materials on the market, yet it does not sacrifice style. Quartz alone is a very strong material, when mixed with the resin to create Hanstone Quartz, it becomes even harder.

Therefore, Hanstone countertops are harder than those made from other common materials, such as concrete, granite, marble, and plastic laminate. There are only three natural minerals that are harder, which are diamond, sapphire, and topaz.

Most Minneapolis homeowners agree that a strong countertop is an essential element in any kitchen. These countertops can stand up to three tons of weight, which is more than an average homeowner will even require.

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