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Things To Know About Silestone Countertops

Regardless of whether you are completely remodeling your existing kitchen or only replacing the countertops, Silestone quartz is a great choice. Silestone countertops have been on the market for decades, but have only recently increased in popularity in Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

Primarily Quartz

Silestone quartz consists of 94% quartz that has been bonded with resins and adhesives to make the surface significantly durable and hard. Silestone quartz countertops are highly resistant to dents and stains as well as scratches.

Silestone countertops are dense and non-porous, which means you do not have to worry about your countertop absorbing liquid or requiring sealing like natural stone surfaces. This is a major advantage to those who love to cook or spend a lot of quality time in the kitchen with friends and family gathered around the counter for wine or coffee.

Carefree Maintenance

One of the things that people in Minneapolis and surrounding areas love most about Silestone quartz countertops is how easy they are to maintain. There is no need to seal and reseal these countertops, nor do you have to worry about re-sanding to prevent nicks and cuts. Silestone quartz offers a natural, glossy sheen that does not require frequent polishing.

Silestone countertops add elegance and beauty to any kitchen. The benefits of this material are seemingly endless. Overall, Silestone quartz countertops are well worth the investment that you make to add them to your home. To find out more contact Granite Unlimited, Inc. at 952-469-5242.

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