Granite Kitchen Countertops Add Value to Homes in Minneapolis, MN

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Blog | 0 comments

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Beautifying your kitchen is one of the best moves you can make when it comes to adding value to your home. It has been demonstrated an improved kitchen may not only increase your chances of selling your home at a higher price but may also make your home sell more quickly. One of the best ways to enhance the quality of your kitchen in MN is to have granite countertops installed.

The natural appeal of granite kitchen countertops is part of what makes them so attractive to homeowners in Minneapolis. Granite countertops have a timeless beauty, with the use of granite dating back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. Also, when sunlight reflects on a granite countertop surface, it’s possible to see its depth. It is also worth noting that any two different granite pieces are very unique from one another, featuring distinct pitting, swirls, specks and veining patterns.

The high quality of granite, due to its natural strength and durability, is another advantage of choosing granite kitchen countertops. MN companies can form your countertop into your desired shape as well, as granite can be cut into 95- or 45-degree angles, ovals, squares, arches or curves. You can keep your granite in tip-top shape simply by applying a sealer about once a year. The process can be likened to waxing your vehicle.

Granite pieces are clean, so they naturally do not harbor bacteria and thus are sanitary for use in the kitchen. Furthermore, granite is easy to keep clean using water and mild soap. You may also use special stone or granite cleaners that create a protective film on your countertop’s surface. Cleaning and sealing your countertop before you first use it will help protect the surface from stains caused by substances such as cola or orange juice. If you happen to get stains in your countertop, you can apply a paste of bleach mixed with flour to the stain and allow it to sit for a while before rinsing it off.

With help from a reputable granite countertop company in Minneapolis, such as Granite Unlimited Inc., you can quickly and easily increase your kitchen’s value and appeal.