How Often Should You Seal Granite Countertops?

by | Oct 26, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Granite, like other types of natural stone countertop materials, is naturally porous. While granite is not as porous as marble, the small surface irregularities and the pores in the stone’s surface will absorb liquids and can harbor bacteria.

To avoid these issues, a sealant is applied to the surface of granite countertops. This is a very thin polymer compound that seals up the pores, preventing staining and also eliminating any surfaces that bacteria can cling to, making these countertops extremely safe and practical for food preparation.

Top granite companies seal their countertops when they are installed. After this, the granite sealant will need to be applied at regular intervals to protect the surface. In most cases, this should be done on an annual basis, although there are factors that may require more or less frequent sealing.

Ask the Installer 

The natural stone company may offer an advanced type of sealant on the granite countertop. These sealers use the latest in technology and can last several years before they need to be resealed.

Color of the Stone 

Light colors of granite tend to be naturally more porous, which means they will need more frequent sealing. Dark colors are more resistant to staining and also denser, so they may require less frequent sealing.

Water Test 

Choose an area of the countertop that is used frequently. An area where a cutting board sits on the counter for food prep is the perfect spot. Apply a couple of drops of water and leave it on the surface for a few minutes. If the water soaks into the stone, the sealant should be reapplied to protect the surface.

When in doubt, contact your natural stone company. They can send someone to test the countertop surface and apply the sealant in a simple and affordable process.