How to Drill a Hole in a Granite Countertop

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Granite is highly popular as a stone material for countertops in residential homes. As natural stone, it is strong, hard, and dense. It also is available in an array of beautiful colors and complex patterns that are ideal for enhancing the aesthetic environment in your space. At Granite Unlimited, Inc., we offer an extensive array of granite countertop options to help you achieve the perfect interior design for your kitchen space.

If you have a situation in which you need to drill one or more holes in a granite countertop – for instance to install a soap dispenser or faucet, then it is important to use a drilling tool that is able to accomplish the task with skill and precision, and one that will help you drill without causing damage to the tool or the granite stone surface as a whole.

Prior to Drilling

Make sure the area is safe and prevent kids and pets from entering while you are drilling. Also get the necessary safety equipment for the job, such as protective goggles, a protective mask, and earplugs.

Steps to Drilling a Hole in a Granite Countertop

Step 1:

Determine the location and size of the hole you need to drill. Measure carefully (twice). From the size of the hole needed, obtain the corresponding sized drill bit for the job.

Step 2:

Mark the location to be drilled with a sharpie (or other marker), or with a template if the hole is larger. To ensure the drill bit does not slip, clamp some miscellaneous wood over the drilling area and mark the wood with a marker. This will prevent the drill bit from wobbling as it touches the granite surface.

Step 3:

In order to prevent the granite from chipping, clamp down some scrap stone right underneath the area in which drilling is to be done.

Step 4:

Take a drill bit designed for use on granite and install it on the drill. The drill bit must also be long enough to extend through the thickness of the granite stone. A diamond core bit can do the job very well.

Step 5:

Position the drill directly over the location you marked in Step 2 above and begin the drilling process with light pressure, allowing the drill to perform the work. Drill at a moderate speed until the drill bit travels enough into the granite to make a mark. Speed up the drilling at that point. You can drill dry or drill using water. In the latter case, using putty you can create a pool around the mark.

Step 6:

Keep drilling until contact is made with the scrap stone under the granite slab. If you need to drill more than one hole, allow the drill bit to cool down before drilling the next hole.
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