How to remove stains from quartz countertops

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Blog

Quartz countertops, whether they are located in the bathroom or the kitchen, are a beautiful material that homeowners will be very happy with and the good news is they are also quite low maintenance.

However it is still important to maintain and care for quartz countertops in the correct manner in order to make sure they stay looking their best.

  • A soft sponge or cloth dipped in a mix of soap and warm water is perfect to perform firm but gentle wipe downs of quartz countertops, and can be done as often as necessary.
  • Any dirt or food that is stuck to a quartz countertop should be removed in a mindful manner with the use of a putty knife, making sure to scrape gently.
  • Only cleaning products and sprays that have been specifically designed for use on quartz countertops should be used.
  • When it comes to tougher stains, adhesive remover may be required. Use a cleaner such as Goo Gone along with a wet cloth or rag, pour the cleaner onto the stain and let it remain for ten minutes before wiping.
  • After the counter has been wiped, warm water should then be used to wipe it off a second time.
  • Caramel can also be used instead of Goo Gone and can be quite effective due to its stickier qualities.
  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a wet rag can also be used to rub off stains on quartz countertops, followed again by warm water alone.
  • Spills, especially of the likes of tea and coffee, should be cleaned up immediately to prevent permanent stains.