How to reseal granite countertops

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

How do you reseal a granite countertop? This is a somewhat controversial and confusing topic because many people, even a lot of actual installers and fabricators, do not really understand the way in which sealers work or when sealing is really required in a granite countertop.

The majority of granite countertops require sealing, although this is not the case with all varieties, with many darker countertops not requiring it. The good news after you have determined whether or not a granite countertop requires sealing is that doing so is actually quite simple.

The granite countertop should first be cleaned with the application of a quality granite cleaner or acetone in order to remove any surface residues or debris. The sealer should be poured onto the granite in sufficient quantity to be able to cover a manageable section rather than the whole countertop.

An even, thin film of sealer should then be created by using a clean cloth or paintbrush to spread it around. Leave the sealer between two to five minutes in order to give it enough time for the surface to absorb the thin sealer of film and the area to start to dry, and then use a little more sealer and again spread it around and wait another few minutes.

Finally use a dry, clean cloth to wipe up any excess sealer and then completely buff the surface until it is completely dry to avoid leaving a haze, which can be difficult to get rid of if left.