How To Shine Granite Countertops

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

There are fewer things more lovely to have in your home than granite countertops. If you are familiar with this material, you know that granite has somewhat of a distinctive shine to it. Keep your countertops shining and this natural stone will look magnificent in your home for a very long time.

Why Granite Shines

Granite is polished initially at the facility where it is fabricated, giving it a natural shine. This is primarily due to the high content of quartz that is present in the stone. The level of shine that you get with your granite depends on the finish of the stone. For the most incredible shine, choose a polished finish for your granite.

Maintain the Shine

The best way to keep your granite countertops looking new and shiny is to clean them regularly. Wipe the surface with a mild soap, paper towel, and a little warm water for effective quick cleanup. For a more effective, deeper clean, you will need to use a good granite cleaner.

Do not ever use common cleaning products on your granite countertops, such as window cleaner, bleach, or vinegar. These products will cause damage to the stone, or at the very least make it dull.

Enhance the Shine

You can enhance the shine of your countertops with a little polishing. There are a wide variety of polishing products available. Keep in mind that each product works differently and you should always read the instructions before using it on your countertops. Contact Granite Unlimited today with your questions and concerns.