Kitchen Countertops – Visually Appealing and Functional Options for Your Minneapolis Space

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Blog, Kitchen Countertops

Many features can add to the overall feel appearance of your kitchen, including its functionality and practicality. One of those features is kitchen countertops. The kitchen is a busy place, especially in a family household with children. Having this room of your home set up with the functionality and visual appearance you desire and need is important. At Granite Unlimited, Inc., we can help you obtain the ideal countertops for your kitchen that bring to life your design vision.

Stone countertops in your kitchen can truly enhance its feel and look, not to mention the exceptional functionality. The possibilities are wide-ranging to match various interior décors and budgets. You can choose from many different types of styles colors, and materials for your countertops. The benefits with many of your options include easy maintenance, stylish appearance, and durability.

Considerations When Choosing a Kitchen Countertop

Finding the right kitchen countertops, regardless of whether you are replacing worn out countertops, renovating your kitchen, or freshening up your space, means answering some important questions first:

  • Will your countertop complement the rest of your kitchen décor and cabinetry, not to mention your personal preferences?
  • How easy will be to clean and maintain your countertops?
  • What type of feel and appearance are you looking for in a kitchen countertop?
  • What can you afford within your budget?

Kitchen Countertop Options

Granite countertops are an excellent option for a hard wearing, stylish, and stunning surface appearance. These are solid and durable countertops designed for a long service life.

Quartz countertops are both beautiful and strong. They provide homeowners with an array of color and style options to enhance any existing interior décor. In addition, they also provide high bacterial resistance.

Marble countertops offer exceptional beauty is a popular option for many kitchens. They can significantly increase the visual appearance of kitchen spaces and are also highly temperature resistant.

For more information about the granite, marble, and quartz kitchen countertops we offer for sale at Granite Unlimited, Inc., in addition to the custom design installation services we provide, call our team today at 952.462.5242, fill out our contact form, or visit our showroom in Lakeville, MN.