Should Granite Countertops Be Smooth as Glass?

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Blog

Granite countertops offer a natural appeal that provides durability and beauty at the same time. These countertops offer excellent functionality for many types of activities in the kitchen, including food preparation and more. Countertops made from granite are arguably the most durable among stone countertops and able to provide many years of functional service and beauty. If you are interested in embellishing your home with granite kitchen countertops, Minneapolis area stone countertop provider – Granite Unlimited, Inc. – has the options you need. We have served customers with beautiful countertop products for more than two decades.

Is a Rough Granite Countertop Surface Normal?

If grit is present on your granite countertop, it is likely due to poor quality granite – an issue which cannot be solved readily without countertop replacement. In some instances, grout particles may flake off from newly grouted backsplash, although this is less common. The surface can also feel somewhat sandy or dusty if a sealer was applied incorrectly or left on the surface to dry for an extended period of time. A granite countertop of sufficient quality should feel as smooth as glass.

What About Polishing the Surface?

Some may suggest that the solution to a rough granite countertop surface is more polishing. However, this is likely not the problem. The reason for gritty surfaces on granite kitchen countertops is most likely the fact that they were not correctly or completely finished in the first place.

Granite slabs are finished and polished using specialized industrial equipment that produces the best possible finish for a particular slab. Therefore, polishing will not enhance the finish any further beyond the work of these machines, and will not remove any gritty issues that are present. Poor quality granite slabs may have rough patches and simply not feel smooth as glass. These surfaces cannot be polished to create the desired glassy smooth texture.

Some granites form pits due to the fact that granite itself is made up of grains which have the potential of popping out. A slab that was not formed well geologically may consist of a sandy or gritty granite grains that are continually coming loose. Any polishing her finishing work done on the slabs will not hold these grains in place – it will only smooth the surface to a degree.

Solutions to a Rough Granite Countertop Surface

Applying a permanent topical coating is a potential solution to a rough granite surface. However, this will require you to maintain the coating. The best solution, if affordable, is to replace the poor quality countertop with a quality granite slab.

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