Simple Ways To Maintain Natural Stone Countertops In Minneapolis

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Blog, Countertops

There are many homes in the Minneapolis area that have natural stone countertops. Most of the new homes, particularly the more upscale homes, have these counters installed, while natural stone is the most popular option for kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Keeping marble and granite counters looking like new is not as challenging as most people think. By focusing on a few simple things to do, and avoiding some common mistakes, your natural stone countertops can look like the day they were installed even after decades of daily use.

What to Do

To keep your natural stone counters looking shiny and beautiful, use the following:

  • Maintain the sealant – sealant prevents liquids from seeping into the pores on the surface of natural stone. The sealant does wear with use and needs to be applied every few years. Keeping the sealant applied over the entire surface prevents staining, etching, and other surface problems.
  • Wipe down daily – using a damp microfiber cloth without any soap or cleaning liquids, simply wipe down the counter daily. This removes dust and prevents surface scratches.
  • Pick up spills ASAP – spills of any type of liquid, but particularly acids like vinegar, juices, wine, tomato-based products, soda or coffee should be wiped up with a damp cloth immediately to prevent etching.

What to Avoid

It is essential only to use cleaning products approved for natural stone countertops when cleaning up your Minneapolis kitchen or bathroom counter. In keeping with that thought, avoid these common mistakes:

  • Never use abrasives – this includes scouring pads, steel wool, scrapers or any type of gritty or abrasive types of cleaners. This removes the sealant and leaves the surface unprotected.
  • Hot pans – never place hot pots or pans directly on natural stone surfaces.
  • Cutting – while marble and granite are hard surfaces, with granite the most durable, never cut directly on the surface.

With just a few simple steps, it is easy to maintain any natural stone counter. Always make sure to get information on the proper care of the counter from the fabricator and installer.