Waterfall Edge

When you want to have the perfect home two cornerstones must be mastered before considering anything else, the kitchen and the bathroom. Both rooms will leave guests impressed and wanting to quiz you endlessly about how you achieved such perfection. Both rooms will significantly increase the value of your property, so when you’re aiming to improve your home, those two rooms are worth doing right.
Something often overlooked that can add even more value to a well-designed kitchen or bathroom is great countertops, which is why we’re here at Granite Unlimited Inc. to help you find the countertops to most impress. With that, it’s important to choose the right edging, there are a lot of options and the décor of your room can dictate exactly what kind of edge best suits your countertops, and getting it wrong can make it seem as though they don’t fit.

A waterfall countertop edge profile is a classy and intricate finishing edge for any countertop, with the appearance of the countertop cascading down a waterfall over rocks, it features curves sitting atop one another and emanates class and elegance.

A granite waterfall edge will suit a classic style, as well as it would a modern, particularly elegant, or fancy style, proving to be a popular choice among any generation of home buyers.

Any complicated finish such as the waterfall edge countertop should be completed by experienced professionals, which is why we have the perfect team to complete your work here at Granite Unlimited Inc.