What to Expect During the Granite Countertop Installation?

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

When you have decided to purchase a beautiful new granite countertop for use in your bathroom or kitchen, the next step is to ensure you are ready for their installation and to know what to expect on the day.

Before installation, it is a good idea to clear a path from the entrance to your home to the place where the granite countertop is being installed, to make sure there is nothing for installers to trip over and that any pets or small children are somewhere else and will not be underfoot.

Cabinets should be secure and level prior to the start of the installation, which ensures the new granite countertops will be able to byese installed as smoothly as possible.

Professional installers secure the granite countertop in position with adhesive, which is also used to fill any seams to ensure a cohesive appearance for the countertop.

Because it is risky to try and transport granite countertops with a big hole in them, cook-top holes will have to be cut on the premises during the installation, which can result in dust, so it is a good idea to cover up any nearby items of furniture.

Once the granite countertop has been installed the backsplash will be finished and a professional installation team will clean up the area after the job has been fully completed.

Professional installation experts will make sure that new granite countertops are secure, level and correctly sealed to ensure they will be fit for use for many years to come.