Would I Be Crazy To Choose Marble Countertops For St. Paul Kitchen?

One of the first things that we hear from people looking for marblecountertops for a St. Paul renovation or new home construction is aquestion about the amount of work involved in caring for this naturalstone. To help you to understand if this is the right option for yourkitchen, here are some important pros and cons of this amazingnatural stone.


A big factor to consider with marble countertops is the cost. Thisincludes the cost of the slab and the customization to suit yourcounters. You slab or slabs needed for the size and shape of thecounters, and you also choose the edge profile.

All of these factors have an impact on the cost. However, it is importantto keep in mind this is a one in a lifetime cost as you never need toreplace these countertops. Additionally, if you sell your home, thefact the counters are marble does impact buyers looking for a homethat has quality materials.

Marble Care

Thisis where we see a lot of misunderstanding. At Granite Unlimited,Inc., we recommend the use of a quality sealant which we applyimmediately after installing the marblecountertops.

With the sealant in place, staining and etching is minimal and only occursif the sealant becomes worn, as it does over time, or if highlyacidic spills are left on the surface for extended periods of time.By applying the sealant every two years and immediately wiping upspills on the counters, these potential cons of marble areeliminated.

 good news and a definite pro for marble is the ease of cleaning.Simply wipe down with a dry cloth to remove fine dust from thesurface, or wipe with warm water and then buff with a dry microfibercloth to keep a beautiful, rich luster.

If you need more information on the pros and cons of marble or want to come in and see our slab selection, give us a call today at 952-469-5242.

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