White Granite Countertop

At Granite & Flooring Unlimited we have a wide array of granite colors, textures, and styles to choose from.

Here at Granite Unlimited Inc., we offer many different colors and finishes in our granite countertops, and we think our white and cream granite options are among some of the most stunning that we have available.

White granite countertops can brighten up a room while making them infinitely classy all in one fell swoop, making them a great choice for any discerning homeowner. As a natural stone, granite offers unique patterns for every worktop, so you always know you have a one-off in your house, which has been beautifully cut and finished for you by our friendly experts at Granite Unlimited Inc.

White granite is notoriously hard and scratch resistant, meaning not only will it look incredible, but it will also stay in as good as a perfect condition for as long as you have the worktops. A good kitchen and bathroom can add value to your home, and white or cream color granite work surfaces will only add even more, as they are guaranteed to impress.

Additionally, white countertops, granite or otherwise, will fit with any color scheme you choose, whether you want green cupboard doors or walnut parquet flooring, your white countertop will match beautifully with them with aplomb.

Do white granite countertops require much maintenance?

Because granite is a porous material, it will need sealing yearly, but beyond that, white granite is low maintenance and just needs cleaning like any other countertop. After cleaning, your worktops will benefit from buffing to keep them shiny, but beyond that, there’s very little that needs doing.

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